By Joseph Azubuike

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It is imperative we that claim to be Christians know the Bible we study and teach. We have this very important issue to discuss, such as the death and resurrection of our Lord. If we fail to establish a good and perfect day from the scriptures, then we have failed and we are no more worthy to claim what we do. The Church should be very clear on this issue as a matter of clarity.
The scripture is here for any serious minded individual to study and find out the truth. The church should teach what the Lord Jesus taught his Apostles about his death and resurrection. We should remind ourselves that the Gospel we preach was from Israel and not from any other source. We should be able to hold tenaciously what God had allowed for us to hold, and given us in the scriptures. Also that Jesus was and is still Jesus of Nazareth.
Hear it ‘’ For as Jonas was three days and three nights in the Whale’s belly; so shall the Son of man be three days and three nights in the heart of the earth’’ Matt. 12:40 kjv. The records are here, let’s look into it.
Since this is what Jesus taught his Apostles, are we following it that way? No! We have derailed completely as a body. We have betrayed our master in it. Now what do we celebrate? We have joined Rome and their church to celebrate their mass in all things. First of all I would like one to tell me what (mass) is. I know Christ but what is mass and who owns it? We are so easily deceived and put out of the Way, driven just like the wind is tossed. Do we go to church or to mass? Don’t you know who goes to mass every Sunday?
Church just hearing of Christ, joins the mass (Christmas). Separate Christ from the mass, i.e, (Christ)-(mass) and tell us how you managed to get it from the Bible. From the first year of his birth to the end of his ministry, even a hundred years after his ascension. Did anyone celebrate his birth? Do you love him more with it? Does it indicate more love for him? Yes he was born, kindly show me where the Apostles celebrated Christmas. Alright, for you it’s Ok, it’s your portion even as there is no scriptural record.
What he commanded is (the Holy Communion) saying ‘’as often as you do this, you show forth his death till he comes’’ ICor. 11:25; Mk.14:22-24. He did not command for Christmas as a child or as a man. His Apostles did not command it either. Neither will any (unauthorised) man command it to become scriptural for us. We should know who commanded what we believe and teach others.
Anyway, let’s continue with the scriptures we have read. From the scriptures we have read, there is nothing as ‘’Good Friday’’. The scriptures have it that ‘’He shall think to change times and law’’ Dan. 7:25. Who is he? The Beast of (Rome) shall think to change God’s times and law.
They have changed ‘’the times and the law’’. You may ask, what is the law? Or how was the law changed? Changing the Law talk about changing the Law of Sabbath worship’’, which was commanded by God, i.e from ‘’the Seventh day Sabbath’’ to the ‘’first day’’ or Sunday. There is no scriptural command anywhere to change the ‘’Sabbath Worship’’ to Sunday.
The ‘’Sun-day’’ worship was the Religion from Babylon which lastly rested on Rome. It was commanded by Emperor Constantine the great during his rule, between about the year 311 to 325, ‘’that whosoever does not worship God on Sun-day shall be put to death’’. They worshipped the ‘’Sun’’ or the ‘’Sun- god’’ as a ‘’Deity’’ on the ‘’first day’’. They commanded the World to join them in it. They know how to command the World even from the first Roman Emperor who commanded the world to pay tax Lk. 2:1-6. We should be very careful.
When the ‘’Sun-day’’ commandment came into force, many adhered; some refused and were tied to the stakes and burned alive. Many others escaped to unknown destinations, and that law went on. The law of Sabbath worship is a definite commandment from God, and is not to be replaced with any Emperor’s commandment. For us to change the Sabbath, we should see a definite scriptural commandment from either a King in Israel, a Prophet, the Lord himself or his Apostles. Instead, this Sabbath was changed by the Romans, reason for no scriptural record. The Bible clearly teaches that Israel is the recipient of the law and the promises; Rome is not inclusive and does not Posses that right at all.
When the Lord Jesus amended the Sabbath commandment, i.e. ‘’no work’’ should be done on a Sabbath day Ex.20:8; Duet.5:12-14. The Jews attacked him, and he told them ‘’the son of man is also Lord of the Sabbath’’ Mark. 2: 27-28 etc. Jesus after teaching in the Temple would heal the people on the Sabbath days, that is to say, he worked on the Sabbath days, see Jon Chapters 5 and 9 etc. After the Sabbath teaching, he went outside the Temple and began to heal and to save the Lost.
That answer meant that he as ‘’the Son of Man’’ was qualified to amend the Law of Sabbath day commandment by his own authority as the Lord, although they did not know this area, that Jesus is the Lord Phil 2:9-10. Today some Christians are suggesting in support of Rome, that Apostle Paul commanded its replacement with the ‘’first day’’ of the week collections for the saints I cor.16:1-2. Some Christians are fine tuning Rome’s commandment for the church to follow, and we are sheepishly following.
Tell those people to go and study their Bible very well. If possible, they should go to a bible school or to a Seminary school. Paul worshipped God on every Sabbath day Acts. 18:4. He had written the first book of Corinthians 16 before Acts 18. He could not contradict himself, he was a Barrister at Law, and knew the implication of words. You can only contradict him by ignorance. He knows the truth and does not contradict himself. He couldn’t change the law without Jerusalem Acts. 15. He would need the Headquarters to change that law.
Let’s continue, while changing the ‘’times’’ meant that ‘’the working days’’ which then started from the first day, now begins from the 2nd day. Instead of the first day, Rome called it Sun-day. Rome in her craftiness disguised the Moon-day, the day they used to serve the female idol the moon.
They cunningly removed one zero from moon and joined the word together, i.e ‘’mon and day’’ together to make it Monday. Whereas working days began from the first day, it now starts from the second day or Moon-day. And from here we have removed our eyes from the game and begin to pursue another thing. All our brethren is interested now is ‘’at least Jesus was born’’. Do you also consider that ‘’at least his blood is rejected on Good Friday’’ by those projectors?, while we need it more on that day if Good Friday does exist.
God himself worked on the first day Gen. 1, till the sixth day when he created man Gen. 1:26 and ended it on the Seventh day and Hallowed, or sanctified the day Gen. 2:1-2.
They changed the time to worship God from the seventh day or Sabbath, to the first day, which is now Sunday and we are comfortable with it. We even look for scriptures to support them and also fine tune it. When Jesus looked into the future especially as it concerns this generation he asked ‘’when the Son of man shall come again, shall he find faith’’ Lk. 18:8. The Church today are working upon the foundation of the Beast and even trying to persecute whosoever will try to correct the anomaly. It is grieving God at his heart.
Jesus said ‘’for as Jonas was three days and three nights in the belly of the fish, so shall the Son of man be three days and three nights in the heart of the earth’’. Now let us count the three days and three nights from Rome’s calculations, and see whether we are right following them.
They started their calculations from Friday, i.e the reason they celebrate Good Friday. From creation God said the Night and Morning makes a day Gen. 1:5, which is to say, no day is without a night. Again geographically we know that the Sun rises in the East and sets in the West daily. Then to have a day it must comprise both night together. Twenty four hours make a day and nothing shots from it.
Now time begins daily from 12.00 am which in our local time here is in the middle of the night. From this time 12am to 12.00pm on the same day makes twelve hours, 12 hours or half day. From this 12.00pm to 12.00 am the next middle of the night makes another 12 hours also. This is one day which is twenty four hours (One day). With this record, there is no Good Friday.
If we should count the three days and three nights from this record, we are hopelessly following Rome and have drowned in their programs. As we have agreed with their record, how can we claim to know the scriptures more than them? From the evening of Friday when Jesus was crucified according to them, to Saturday Evening is a day. From the Evening of Saturday to Sunday morning is not up to two days. Now my people do we actually know the scriptures?
For us to set the record straight, we must study the Bible very well. Many of us say what we hear from those we give respect and reverence, not the true scripture. Others hold the view of their mentors, while a great number try to write a review from their trusted teachers whether they are saying the truth or not. How can we celebrate Good Friday? Who proved Good Friday to be right for the Saints to join? Should the church of Christ celebrate the Good Friday?
Jesus said the Son of man shall be in the heart of the earth three days and three nights. Does the record from Friday night to Sunday early morning give us three days and three nights?, no, not at all. Then where are we now?
Let’s start counting the three days and three nights. If we count it with Rome’s pattern, we shall fail woefully. The counting must start with early Thursday morning when Judas Iscariot betrayed his Lord, and accompanied them to arrest him in the Garden of Gethsemane Matt.26 36; Mk. 14:32. When they finished judging him in the daytime, in the evening they crucified him the same day.
From that Thursday Morning 12.am to Friday morning made one day, even though he was crucified on the Thursday Evening, spiritual matters differ slightly from the literal. From Friday Morning to Saturday morning made it two days and two nights.
From Saturday Morning to Sunday morning completes it three days and three nights as prophesied in Matt. 12:40, a reference from Jonah 1:17. And so the Bible says he rose early in the morning of the first day of the week, when it was yet dark, suggesting exactly 12.am on the first day of the week Jon. 20:1. So you can see the three days and three nights did not have a Good Friday. How can you work out a Good Friday from the available records?,
Even according to Rome’s Calculations.
Even if you don’t believe my own working, can you work out a Good Friday from Rome’s record? Or we ask you to make sure you show us the process of making Good Friday a Christian program, where we have buried ourselves with Rome’s philosophy. Let the Spirit of God talk to us.
If Jesus was crucified on the Friday, whether in the morning or evening, there would be no Good Friday. Yes, because there is no how you can work out that Friday to tally with early morning first day resurrection. The Christian community should begin to study the Bible, instead of saying ‘’how can we change the existing Protocol’’?. They changed it to suit them and they have succeeded, but we are busy complaining and saying ‘’to change it is impossible’’.
The problem of Christianity is complex, it is now a question of I know it more than you and the pursuit of titles like the Romans. I will not agree with you because they say, you are junior to me, I’m Bishop’’, ‘’I’m an Apostle’’, ‘’I’m a Prophet’’, you must take what I say or leave it. And while following Rome in these titles, they join their mass and celebrate their full philosophy.

Stand out from the crowd and show that you do read and study the Bible, than believing the views of other people whether they are right or wrong. Instead let’s study together in this issue. Does your faith hang on any human being other than Christ? Remove your faith there and trust Christ your the future.


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